Picasso Jasper and Sterling Silver Earrings

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Product Description

Moody, dark and mysterious. Picasso jasper is like a work of art.  The stones used in this pair of sterling silver earrings reminds me of of a forrest in the winter on a gray skies kind of day with a hint of light shining through the tree tops. These earrings really are about the stones, net so neutral they can go with your entire wardrobe.


Metal Type: Sterling Silver, stamped .925

Stone Type: Picasso Jasper

Stone Dimensions: 18mm x 22mm approx.

Stone Story

Picasso Jasper is a stone that is associated with three different chakras; the base, sacral and solar plexus. If you're experiencing either a creative or a mental block, then picasso jasper is a stone for you. This stone is said to help open up the solar plexus and allow you to calm all the inner conversations. It's time to find some inner peace. You deserve that. 



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