Image of customer made sterling silver stone pendant pictured with the woman it was custom made for in Omaha, NE

"Angela is a talented local artist that I worked with to create a meaningful necklace. I took a bag of stones to her, from trips and travels, and she sifted through them with me, finally choosing this soft green stone. We talked through everything from the design to choice of chain. I am so happy with the final piece."

Alison - Omaha, NE


"I am not much of a jewelry person, quite honestly. The only piece that I wear is my wedding ring, but when I saw a friend’s ring that Angela had made, I HAD to have one. I loved being able to pick the stone I wanted before she set it. It came pretty quickly and I was IN LOVE. I quickly became friends with Angela and have been in awe of her talent. I just received another piece from her...a beautiful necklace that I plan to wear every day. She has not only transformed my love for jewelry, but has also become a wonderful friend. Thank you so so much again!"

Kara – Apopka, FL


“I have searched for a specific turquoise ring for over seven years that my best friend had.  I admired it so much. After losing her to cancer 2 1/2 years ago my search became even more intense. In October I was walking through a craft fair and I noticed a turquoise pendant. I thought that’s the size of her ring. I actually walked by several times before I stopped. I asked is it possible for you to make a ring that size with no frills to match my friends ring. She said absolutely. She told me she had a lot of turquoise stones that she could send you pictures of them. Within 24 hours I had pictures of the stones. I knew immediately which stone I wanted.  When I received the ring, it was a dream come true. It was everything I dreamt it would be. Now I i wear a perfect reminder of my best friend.She is with me always. I will treasure this ring to hand down to my family. Thank you Tranquil Sky Jewelry!”

Kathy - Lincoln, NE


"Quality, professional, and personable! I love this lady's work and her story. I have so many pieces of my own and have given a few as gifts, they never disappoint. I most recently had two rings made as mother daughter rings for my mom and me, most meaningful gift I've been able to give her. Thanks Angela for sharing your talents."

Kaitlyn - Orlando, FL


"Perfect, lightweight silver hoops with a sweet note from the owner. You barely notice these - I don't think these will leave my ears for a while!"

Emma - Brooklyn, NY

"I started taking the beginning silversmithing classes with Angela, March 15, 2018.  I attended the 1st class not really knowing what to expect. I have always loved sterling silver jewelry and the fact that she made her own pieces made the thought of taking her classes that much more exciting. 

Angela is an AWESOME instructor.  She works every class project along with her students.  She guides you and allows for you to work at your own pace.  She has the patience of a SAINT and her humor (words are hard Wednesday), is unmatched. 

I am not the best at silversmithing, but I appreciate the work that goes into hand making beautiful pieces; pieces that I have made.  I have learned the basic skills in silversmithing/jewelry making, but with each new class/session, it allows me to be challenged and work outside of my comfort zone. 

I will continue taking her classes as long as she continues teaching.

Not only have I learned something entirely new, I have gained wonderful friendships with my classmates.  I always look forward to our Wednesday evening classes."

Judy - Omaha, NE

"We were tickled to have the opportunity make rings FROM SCRATCH with Tranquil Sky Jewelry yesterday. We still can’t believe we made these with our own hands! Friends, if you ever have a day to spend learning this incredible craft, take a lesson at Tranquil Sky Jewelry‘s studio at the Hot Shops in Omaha. Angela is such a kind and endearing soul with stories to tell and the patience of a saint. We loved every single second of it!"

Michelle - Lincoln, NE