Natural Turquoise Mountain Turquoise Sterling Silver Large Hoops

Product Description

These sterling silver and Turquoise Mountain turquoise drop hoop earrings come to life when you wear them. They move, they shake and pops of blue they make. These earrings will add a little life to any outfit! You truly can't go wrong with turquoise anything. 

Stone Story

Turquoise Mountain Turquoise was mined in Arizona. In the 1960’s there were two peaks at Kingman Mountain that were being mined. Those peaks were Ithica Peak and Turquoise Mountain Peak. The turquoise mountain turquoise featured here was mined in the Turquoise Mountain Peak. In the 1970’s the mine ceased production for several years. This mine is considered one of the “classic” turquoise mines as the stones produced from this mine during this time period are very distinctive in their marking and coloration. In recent years, the Kingman mine has once again started mining the Turquoise Mountain Peak. The turquoise being produced from this mine and is easily distinguished from Kingman Turquoise. Turquoise from this mine is highly collectable and would be a great addition to any turquoise collection.

Turquoise is quite the mystical healing stone. When worn, it acts as a protection stone and has strong healing properties. Wear it to help rid you of any negative energies both within and around you. This stone is also said to act as a barrier of protection against outside influences and shield you from harm. Turquoise is said to help open the heart, throat and third chakras. Take these turquoise earrings with you on your journey through life and find balance, peace, happiness and love. 



Metal Type: Sterling Silver, stamped .925

Stone Type: Natural Turquoise Mountain Turquoise

Stone Dimensions: 13mm x 20mm

Earring Dimensions: From top of the ear wire to the bottom: 62mm (2.5 inches)

Please allow for slight color variations due to lighting and computer screen differences.

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