Turquoise Surfboard Cuff Bracelet

Product Description

There's something about a bracelet with a bright pop of blue! These turquoise and sterling silver bracelets are perfect for stacking with other bracelets or worn alone. WIth the turquoise surfboard shape set horizontally, it allows for more versatility, so stack away!  

Stone Story

Turquoise is quite the mystical healing stone. When worn, it acts as a protection stone and has strong healing properties. Wear it to help rid you of any negative energies both within and around you. This stone is also said to act as a barrier of protection against outside influences and shield you from harm. Turquoise is said to help open the heart, throat and third chakras. Take this turquoise ring with you on your journey through life and find balance, peace, happiness and love. 


How to purchase the correct cuff bracelet size for your wrist?

Measure your wrist. Each bracelet size is listed with the length of the metal used. The opening on the cuff bracelets averages between .75 - 1 inch in length. Add 1" to the length of the metal and thats the max size wrist for that particular bracelet.

For example: 5.75" bracelet and the .75 - 1" gap would be ideal for someone with a size 6 - 6.5" wrist depending on how snug you like your bracelets to fit. 

Bracelet Size: 5.75"-6" band length. These will fit a wrist size of 6" to 7" comfortably.

Metal Type: Sterling Silver stamped .925

Stone Type: Chinese Turquoise

Stone Dimensions: 22mm x 8mm 

Bracelet Band Width: 5mm 

Please allow for slight color variations due to lighting and computer screen differences.

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