Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver Mix & Match Stacking Rings • US Size 6-10

Product Story

The romantic allure of rose quartz shines brightly in these sterling silver minimalist stacking rings. If you're in need of opening your heart chakra and looking to attract more love into your life, add this soft hued rose quartz ring to your jewelry lineup. 

Product Dimensions

Ring Size: Currently available in US Size 6-10, If you need a different size, message me and we can get a ring made in your size. 

Metal Type: Sterling SIlver, stamped .925

Stone Type: Rose Quartz

Stone Dimensions: Large stone: 8mm round and Medium Stone: 6mm round

Ring Dimensions: Large stone: 9mm round and Medium Stone: 7mm round

Band Width: 1.5mm

Stone Story

Rose quartz is a light pink stone that can be transparent in spots yet milky in others. It is often referred to as the stone of love. Rose quartz is associated with the heart and root chakras. It is said to promote joy, happiness and love of all forms. As a bonus, get a little more peace and calm to your life! If you are needing more love and happiness in your life, get yourself some rose quartz! 

Rose quartz is quite an abundant stone. It can be found in several areas in the world such as Madagascar, South Africa, India and the United States to name a few. 

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