Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

Product Description

Your wrists deserve a little love too! Adorn them with a beautiful simple hammered round bangle bracelet. Simple and classic is style. Perfect to be worn alone, even better to stack! 

Bracelet Sizing

How to purchase the correct bracelet size for your wrist? Purchasing the correct size of bangle bracelet can be tricky however there's a trick to ordering the proper size. Since bangle bracelets are a complete solid circle without a break in the silver, you want to make sure that you buy the right side to slide over your hand, but not too big that is slips off or slide down onto the palm of your hand. 

Here's how to measure it. Take your thumb and touch it to the inside of your palm where your middle finger connects to the palm of your hand. Then take a string and wrap it around your knuckles and thumb. Mark the spot where they overlap. Then take the string and measure this out with a ruler. This will tell you the smallest size of bangle that you will be able to fit over your hand. Mine is measured at 7.75" This is actually a pretty average size for bangles. In the drop down you will choose size 7.5, 7.75 or 8 inch. If you are in need of a larger or smaller size, message me and I can create one specifically for you in your ideal size. 


Metal Type: Sterling Silver

Bracelet Sizes available: 7.5, 7.75 and 8 inch. Choose your size from the drop down menu.

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