Hammered Brass Cuff Bracelet

Product Description

Love the look of gold but not so fond of the price? Then this brass hammered cuff is perfect for you. It's simple round style is sturdy yet hugs the wrist just right so it's comfortable enough for everyday wear and doesn't catch on things. It's ideal to be worn alone or stacked with multiple bracelets of similar or different styles.  

Bracelet Sizing

How to purchase the correct cuff bracelet size for your wrist?

Measure your wrist. Each bracelet size is listed with the length of the metal used. The opening on the cuff bracelets averages between .75 - 1 inch in length. Add 1" to the length of the metal and thats the max size wrist for that particular bracelet.

For example: 5. 75" bracelet and the .75 - 1" gap would be ideal for someone with a size 6 - 6.5" wrist depending on how snug you like your bracelets to fit. 


Metal Type: Brass

Bracelet width: 2.5mm

Bracelet Size: 5.75" , 6",  6.5"

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