Rainbow Moonstone Mix & Match Hammered Sterling Silver Stacking Ring

Product Description

A flash of color! The shifting rainbow hues can be found on each and every piece of  rainbow moonstone. It is undeniably beautiful. Bright flashes of purple and hues of blue, maybe a little pink here and there. The color shown depends on the angle at which the light is hitting the stone. These mix and match moonstone stacking rings are simple and minimalistic in design. They can be worn alone or you can stack multiples. Comfortable and can easily be worn daily as it literally goes with anything.


Stone Story

Rainbow moonstone is a member of the feldspar family. It features an iridescent sheen. The stone displays colors that change depending on the angle and source of the light striking the stone surface. In rainbow moonstone, this characteristic is due to light reflecting from twinning planes within the stone. Rainbow moonstone is a fairly abundant stone. It can be readily found in smaller pieces, however larger pieces are harder to acquire. This stone can be mined and found in several countries, some of which are: Australia, Madagascar, India, Poland, Sri Lanka as well as a few other countries.

Rainbow moonstone is a stone of good fortune, abundance, spiritual insight, happiness and love. It is able to bring light into your spiritual and mental life. A stone that contains colors of the entire rainbow, is said to hold incredible magical powers. It can help with alleviating stress and anxiety. Stress free living would be magical.


Metal Type: Sterling silver, stamped .925

Ring Size: Currently available in size 6-10. If you need a different size email to have one made in your size. 

Stone Type: Rainbow Moonstone

Stone Dimensions: Large: 8mm round, Medium: 6mm round, Small: 4mm round

Ring Dimensions: Large: 9mm round, Medium: 7mm round, Small: 5mm round

Band Width: 1.5 mm 

Please allow for slight color variations due to differences in screen monitor colors. Rainbow moonstone is difficult to photograph and usually has a lot more color in person than in the photos. Not all available stones will be pictured here so the stone you receive may be different from the ones shown here.

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