Sterling Silver Faceted Ring • US Size 5

Product Description

Hand carved in wax and cast in sterling silver.  This one of a kind sterling silver faceted design really catches the light in movement.  Each ring is made from an original hand carved wax model.

Enjoy the journey of life. From Earth to sky, let your free spirit fly with Tranquil Sky Jewelry.

Product Story

The ring is constructed through a technique known as lost wax casting. Lost wax casting is a process of creating forms using wax through different types of treatments. This particular design is created by carving and filing wax away until the desired shape and design is reached. Once that happens the ring is then put into a steel canister surrounded by a plaster type of substance called investment. Once the investment has cured, it is then place into a kiln and heated to a high temperature which results in the wax melting and evaporating. This leaves behind a hollow shape within the investment. Next the silver is weighed out and placed into a crucible, heated until molten (resembles the look of mercury), then the steel canister in the bent arm centrifuge, all while still heating the silver to keep it in a liquid form. Once the steel canister is placed in the centrifuge behind the crucible, the arm is dropped and causes the canister to spin and force the molten silver into the hollow form. Once the steel canister cools a bit, it is dunked in water and the investment dissolves leaving behind the ring design. The sterling silver ring form is then cleaned up and polished to a shiny finish. This hollow form is only able to be used once as it dissolved in the water. Each ring made through this process is a one of a kind. 


Ring Size: US Size 5

Metal Type: Sterling silver, stamped .925

Band Width: 4mm 

Please know your size prior to ordering. This ring is only available at this time in a size 5. Due to the nature of how this ring is made and the design of the band, it is not able to be resized. In order to obtain your ring size, stop by any jewelry store and be measure by a professional jeweler. Be sure to obtain your ring size in both a skinny and wide size band as they will measure a slightly different size on the same finger. 

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