Round Cherry Creek Jasper Abella Ring in Sterling Silver

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Product Description

Simply stunning! This stone is one of my favorite pieces of jasper that I have worked with to date. These gorgeous golden tans, creams, grays and deep reds dance and intermingle with veins of deep reds and dark brown hues. This simple sterling silver setting lets the stone do all the talking. It definitely has a lot to say.   

Stone Story

Cherry creek jasper is quite a colorful jasper! It was discovered by accident when some miners in mainland China were looking to mine turquoise and hit this colorful jackpot. Cherry creek jasper is allow referred to as red creek jasper and is named after the river that runs through the original discovery site. This colorful jasper features hues that range from deep reds, tans, mustard yellows, green hues and several brown shades.

Cherry creek jasper has a few different metaphysical properties. Cherry creek jasper, as with all other types of jasper is a protective and grounding stone. If you are experiencing stress or excess amounts of worry, jasper is known to help ease those feelings. If you are feeling out of balance, jasper will help!


Metal Type: Sterling Silver, stamped .925

Stone Type: Cherry Creek Jasper

Stone Dimensions: 15mm round

Ring Dimensions: 17mm round

Band Width: approx. 2 mm

Please allow for slight color variations due to differences in screen monitor colors.

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