Rectangular Light Blue Natural Hubei Turquoise Ring in Sterling Silver

Product Description

Simple and elegant! This rectangle Chinese turquoise stone is beautifully complemented by a simple smooth bezel setting. It’s the perfect ring to pair with your favorite summer dress. The bright blue color with black matrix makes this piece simply unique.

Stone Story

This ring features a natural Hubei turquoise stone from the Hubei mine in China. The turquoise from this mine is known for its ranging variations in color and rich veins creating beautiful webbing. This mine is found in the Hubei province midstream of the Yangtze River (where the mine got its name). The name Hubei means “north of the lake” and is literally located north of the Dongting Lake. The Hubei mine produces the majority of the world’s turquoise. How’s that for a geography lesson.

Turquoise when worn, acts as a protection stone and has strong healing properties. Wear it to help rid you of any negative energies both within and around you. This stone is also said to act as a barrier of protection to outside influences and shield you from harm. It is said to help open the heart, throat and third chakras. Take this turquoise ring with you on your journey through life and find balance, peace, happiness and love.


Ring Size: US 8

Metal Type: Sterling SIlver, stamped .925

Stone Type: Hubei Turquoise (Stabilized) China

Stone Dimensions: 10mm x 12mm

Ring Dimensions: 11mm x 13mm

Band Width: 3mm

Please allow for slight color variations due to differences in screen monitor colors. This ring cannot be resized. Taking the stone out the ring to resize it could risk damage to the stone.

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