Oblong Kingman Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring

Product Description

This timeless and classy take on a turquoise ring separates itself from the traditional workings of southwestern turquoise jewelry. It’s simplified, subtle setting makes the ring more about the stone than the surrounding metal work. Featuring an oblong robins’ egg blue turquoise stone with a golden brown matrix, it’s reminiscent of an island and the sea as viewed from a plane above. This ring is perfect for that worldly traveler that loves to look at the world from a different perspective. It would be a great gift for that free-spirited wanderer in your life.

Enjoy your journey of life. From Earth to sky, let your free spirit fly with Tranquil Sky Jewelry.

Stone Description

Kingman turquoise is one of the largest mines in North America still producing turquoise today. The Kingman turquoise mine is one of the oldest and largest turquoise mines in North America. This mine was discovered over 1000 years ago in the Acerbate Mountains located 14 miles NW of Kingman, Arizona. This mine produces turquoise of all colors, however it is know most for its bright blue color with various colored matrix.   

Turquoise is quite the mystical healing stone. When worn, it acts as a protection stone and has strong healing properties. Wear it to help rid you of any negative energies both within and around you. This stone is also said to act as a barrier of protection against outside influences and shield you from harm. Turquoise is said to help open the heart, throat and third chakras. Take this turquoise ring with you on your journey through life and find balance, peace, happiness and love.


Ring Size: US Size 8.5

Metal Type: Sterling silver, stamped .925

Stone Type: Kingman Turquoise, Stabilized

Stone Dimensions: 9mm x 23mm

Ring Dimensions: 10mm x 25mm

Please allow for slight color variations due to differences in screen monitor colors. This turquoise ring cannot be resized. Turquoise by nature is a relatively soft stone and taking the stone out the ring to resize it could risk damage to the stone.

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