Flashy Blue Oval Labradorite and Sterling Silver Ring • US Size 6

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Product Description

Flashy bright blue, this sterling silver labradorite ring sure has a lot of color. It reminds me of how the ocean looks as the sun sets and flashes colors amidst the waves. It's a simple comfortable setting that can easily be worn daily and accompany any outfit. 


Ring Size: US 6

Metal Type: Sterling Silver, stamped .925

Stone Type: Labradorite

Stone Dimensions: 10mm x 15mm

Ring Dimensions: 13mm x 18mm

Band Width: 2mm

Please allow for slight color variations due to differences in screen monitor colors. This ring cannot be resized. Taking the stone out the ring to resize it could risk damage to the stone. 

Stone Story

A stone best described a reflection of the Northern Lights with its bright flashes of greens and blue. It’s as if the stone is being lit up by the sky. This shining, flashing color effect is known by of few different names. This is known as the Schiller effect or labradorescence. Labradorite is part of the feldspar family. It can be readily found, however labradorite with deep blue flashy hues are highly sought after. In some cases you can find all colors of the rainbow spectrum in on stone and that would be referred to as spectrolite. Labradorite can be found in Labrador, Canada, Norway and Finland to name a few locations.

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